Decorating our homes should be very personal and creating a home that not only is functional but beautiful is what we all aspire to. Today I’m sharing my 10 tips for creating a classic style home in decorating. 

How do we get a personalized home that’s classic and refined, yet does not succumb to expensive decorating trends along the way? It’s sometimes a hard path to figure out along the way and it’s taken me years and years to decorate my home in a way that feels like “us” and yet seems timeless and classic too. Honing in on my style has been a lifelong journey and one that I’m still learning.

I’ve come a long ways just since starting this blog. When I look back at my decorating style over 10 years ago, it’s not nearly as classic, I don’t think. I’ve gotten better about seeing past trends and focusing on what is going to be long lasting and timeless. That’s the look I aspire to all the time. But it’s OK to use some trends along the way, just do the trends on a budget and don’t spend too much for those items that won’t stand the test of time.

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