With fall entertaining ramping up and the holidays just around the corner, now’s the time to ready your entryway for the revolving door of guests to come. It’s as much about creating the perfect entryway as it is mixing in bold, eye-catching designs that transform it into a foyer that captivates and wows. Whether it’s upping the glam factor with a chic rug or revamping the backdrop with a surprising wallpaper pattern, you’ll want to ensure your entryway makes a bold first impression and sets a stylish tone for the rest of your house.

For inspiration, we’ve rounded up a few high-style entryway ideas we love for an instant fall update. If you’re ready for more than an update and need help designing an entryway that works with your living room, explore our Design Services to start a collaboration with a Decorist designer! 


Photo by Lesley Unruh for One Kings Lane. Interior by Decorist Celebrity designer Paloma Contreras.

Double Up Small Accents

If you’re looking to refresh your entryway fast with simple finishing touches, remember there’s power in pairs. Pull in two of everything when accessorizing your walls and console table or cabinet. Think mirroring silver sconces and diptychs, foo dogs and marble obelisks, even matching mini topiaries and floral arrangements, or any number of glam metallic objects that add a bit of shine. You’ll want to group all your pieces around a surface with symmetry in mind to create a curated display that’s sure to become a chic focal point in your foyer. 


Photo by Lesley Unruh for One Kings Lane.

Lead With A Striking Rug

While a natural-fiber rug is an entryway staple in many homes, we say switch it up for a stylish cowhide rug. It’s surprisingly durable with style to spare an eye-catching hide rug can instantly warm up a spacious foyer, as in this stair hall. Not to mention a cowhide also offers a great foundation for furnishings and accents in varying styles, such as the traditional armchair and pedestal table that share space with the colorful and more eclectic silhouette artwork.

If you’re not much of a cowhide fan, consider an indoor-outdoor rug, an overdyed carpet, or a captivating runner, which are equally as practical and pretty.


Photo by Tony Vu for One Kings Lane. Interior designed by Bennett Leifer.

Add One-Of-A-Kind Showpieces

For a high-impact approach, transform your entryway into a showcase for statement art and unique vintage pieces. It’s actually the perfect place to layer in a large painting or, as in this foyer, a lavish folding screen that adds both drama and visual height. With its lush palm design, the screen makes for a vibrant backdrop as well as a one-of-a-kind standing art piece. 

If a folding screen feels too traditional for your style, consider a large sculpture or even a cabinet filled with interesting objects and found treasures. The idea is to layer in intriguing focal points that will instantly captivate anyone who walks through your front door. 


Photo by Reid Rolls. Interior by Decorist Celebrity designer Jessica McCarthy.

Go For A Big Reflective Moment

If you’re looking to make a bold and glamorous statement in your entryway, you can’t go wrong with a giant sculptural mirror or a mirrored console cabinet. The reflective nature of these pieces will help bounce light and give the illusion of more space in your entryway, which is especially great in smaller foyers. They’re also naturally versatile pieces, so layer you can mix in furnishings and accents in any style, be it a Louis XIV-style armchair or a contemporary print.


Interior by Decorist Elite design firm Lindhesse Design.

Play Up Bold Modern Forms

For staunch modernists, try bringing in super sleek contemporary designs as a way to direct focus in your foyer. Take a cue from this open plan entry, which features a handpainted geometric wallpaper backdrop, accents in abstract shapes and silhouettes, and a console table with strong, clean lines. Grouped together, the designs also help to establish the entry here as its own space within the larger open floor plan. 


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